Building Remote Candidate Relationships

5 Updated Foundations of Talent Relationship Management

At the time of their invention, applicant tracking systems (ATS) introduced recruiters to an incredibly efficient way to organize candidate information. But since then, and especially since the events of 2020, applying to jobs is an almost entirely digital process, and remote work is the default for knowledge workers — throwing recruiters for a loop as they quickly adjust their approach to candidate relationship building.

“As our workforce is becoming more distributed, the likelihood of us going back to a traditional onsite interview is unlikely. Even when things get back to normal, it will be inherently different. Organizations need to decide where to invest their time right now in order to continue to provide a great remote candidate experience as we navigate a virtual, then hybrid hiring process.”

– Caitlyn Metteer, Recruiting Manager at Lever In a remote

In a remote recruiting environment, recruiters don’t have ready access to those small touchpoints they previously used to build rapport with candidates, such as meeting them before interviews to answer questions or running post-mortems at the end of an interview panel. Employers face pressure to customize and personalize the process to keep in-demand candidates engaged, but find themselves without the staffing or resources they need to do so at scale. “

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