More Connected And Agile Healthcare Is In Your Hands

Simplifying complexity

Across healthcare, one of the biggest obstacles for providers is a lack of integrated systems. Microsoft Surface can support a healthy workforce by providing tools that allow them to provide better care; empowering them to do their best work. Where once shift changes required locating patient notes and chasing other practitioners for updates, Surface can provide a quick update via handheld devices, allowing clinicians to start their rounds with their best foot forward.

The smallest devices can be slipped into pockets, while stands have been developed for larger tablets to walk around wards with. In the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pro-Emergency Services paramedic crews replaced their Panasonic devices with Surface devices. Surface has given paramedics a lighter and adaptable device to easily capture patient care reporting on the road. From a costsaving, efficiency stand-point, Pro-EMS has also reduced the time needed to replace devices and accessories, ensuring focus remains on providing optimum levels of immediate care for patients.

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