Transforming Workloads Through Application Modernization


IDC estimates there are 500 million legacy applications in use around the world. The vast majority are found on x86 servers, with most running on virtual machines(VMs). There is investment taking place today focused on bringing these applications onto a more modern deployment platform by leveraging technologies such as containers and cloud services. This approach enables organizations to follow one of several known, viable paths designed to improve the operations, maintenance, and functionality of these critical workloads.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to application modernization and transformation. Most organizations will choose from a spectrum of solutions applied on an application-by-application basis. Considerations include the criticality of the application, the future needs that it must meet, and its role in the context of new cloud-native applications, as well as other factors that are unique to industry verticals and individual companies’ installed portfolio of applications.

This IDC Spotlight considers the options available to achieve application modernization —and the ways those applications can be replatformed and transformed.

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