The Pragmatic Buyer’s Guide To Aiops Platforms

The Pragmatic Buyer’s Guide
to AIOps Platforms

In the digital era, customers tolerate no downtime: IT operations teams must keep systems running 24x7x365. The challenge is daunting. Teams must support cloudnative applications and infrastructure, legacy infrastructure, and hybrid infrastructure – a complex mix that becomes more convoluted with every new application. At many organizations, IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams are overwhelmed by a plethora of alerts – some real, many falsepositive. Too often, operations teams suffer from cognitive overload that, when combined with manual processes, prevents them from handling IT incidents quickly and costeffectively. The result: outages, unplanned downtime and business disruption.

The price of downtime is steep. According to Gartner, in 2014, organizations lost $5,600 per minute of downtime, which worked out to well over $300,000 per hour. Today, it’s likely higher, as orgs increasingly rely on technology to power revenue-generating business services. Downtime and performance issues can lead to unacceptably large losses in revenue during periods of heightened customer activity and demand, such as Black Friday for retailers, the Super Bowl for broadcasters, and the launch of long-awaited shows and seasons for streaming TV providers. And more than cost, downtime leads to customer dissatisfaction and employee unhappiness – potentially fatal outcomes in the unforgiving world of digital business.

IT leaders must act. But at many organizations, IT Ops are mired in the past. Legacy manual systems and rules-based systems are not geared to the requirements of complex hybrid cloud environments.

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