CIAM helps find the balance between security and customer experience

CIAM lets you fine-tune security, privacy, and convenience

With the increased speed of digital adaptation across sectors has come a concurrent jump in cyberattacks designed to hit at the public-facing perimeter. Protecting brand integrity and reputation has thus been thrust to the forefront for many executives. That means locking down your customerfacing perimeter needs to be a business priority. Data breaches can do major damage not only to your brand reputation, but also to your bottom line with potential ramifications dragging out for years after the actual incident. Doing everything in your power to head off the potential for attack now just makes good business sense.

Most companies live and die by conversions, right? And since friction leads to lost conversions, it stands that doing what you can to lessen the friction at the login page can go a long way toward improving your conversion rate. Through CIAM you have the ability to control the flow of your customer login experience and the data necessary to continue evolving that experience as needs change. By setting the figurative sliders for security, privacy, and customer experience to just the right mix for your and your customers’ business you get the level of security you need with the low-friction experience they demand.

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