Apple Announces Several AI Features During Its Annual Developer’s Conference

During Apple’s yearly developer’s conference, WWDC, the firm subtly touted how much work it is doing in state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence and it has proved that it is not sitting on the sidelines.

Apple at the WWDC conference announced several important AI features, including an enhanced iPhone autocorrect based on machine learning using a transformer language model, the same technology used for ChatGPT.

Apple said, “iPhone autocorrect will even learn from how the user texts and types to get better.”

Craig Federighi, Apple’s chief of software, said, “In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too.”

Apple showed how it is proactively working on and paying serious attention to developments in state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Apple is taking AI technology to enhance a feature 1 billion iPhone users use every day.

Apple wants AI models on its smart devices. The new autocorrect AI feature is significantly impressive as it is running on the iPhone. Apple needs to collect lesser data to run it on the iPhone.

Apple doesn’t talk about ‘artificial intelligence’ and prefers the use of the academic phrase ‘machine learning’. Apple simply likes to talk about the feature that the technology enables. Apple simply mentions the specific feature and says that there is a cool technology behind the scenes.

Apple also announced an improvement to AirPods Pro that automatically switches off noise cancelling whenever the user engages in conversation and the solution is based on AI models.

Apple’s new Digital Persona feature makes a 3D scan of the face and body of the user and then can recreate what they virtually look like while videoconferencing with other users while wearing the Vision Pro headset.

Apple also mentioned many other new features that used its skill in neural networks, like the ability to identify fields to fill out in a PDF.

Apple also grabbed a lot of attention with the announcement of a machine learning feature that enables the iPhone to identify one’s pet versus other cats or dogs and put all one’s pet photos in a particular folder.