Apple’s iPhone 15 is to be released in mid-September

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 will go on sale around September 22, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

When a company introduces a new iPhone model, millions of simultaneous viewers usually watch the packed events.

Analysts are focusing on next-generation product launches to measure consumption; Consumers themselves usually have many new features that they expect.

Bloomberg reported, “An Apple event will precede the sale date the week prior, either on September 12 or September 13.”

In the company’s third-quarter financial results, it said iPhone sales fell 2 percent to $39.67 billion.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “The smartphone industry is tough in the U.S. right now.

Covid-related production issues have hit the current generation iPhone 14 hard at Foxconn’s Chinese factories, stifling 2022 holiday sales. Apple is reportedly looking to diversify its supply chain across Southeast Asia.