Only 9% Of Americans Believe Ai Development Will Do Overall Good Than Harm

Artificial intelligence tools that can give responses like human have become the greatest part of the technology industry, as many tech giants like Google, Microsoft and startups racing to come up with early versions of productivity tools and search engines using the new tech.

Firms developing AI are saying that AI development will save precious time and enhance human creativity.

But the people aren’t convinced yet. Only 9% of Americans think that the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society will result in doing overall good than harm, as per the poll by Monmouth University.

About 46% respondents think that AI development will do about the equal good and harm, and 41% responded that AI development will do harm to society overall.

About 55% Americans are somewhat worried that AI might one day pose a threat to the human race, as per the poll.

Artificial intelligence is a catch-all term that describes a number of different programs that use reams of data to improve their functionality without intervention from software developers. But the recent hype is focused on a new method called “large language models” that analyzes terabytes of data.

Large language models are greatly being used in generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. There have been issues with these models. Both Microsoft and Google’s recent AI releases showed their software making factual errors. The public is also worried about the ethical issues that may arise out of automated AI platforms.