Meta Announces AI-powered Tools And Services to Help Advertisers Build Campaigns

Meta recently unveiled AI-based tools and services to improve ad creation and campaign results.

Meta unveiled the AI Sandbox, a “testing playground” for advertisers to use as they try new ad tools powered by generative AI.

Meta is exhibiting to investors and advertisers that investing in AI is a profitable move.

In Meta’s latest earnings call, finance chief Susan Li said the company’s capital expenditure for the year will be between $30 billion and $33 billion, an outlook that reflects its ongoing build-out of AI capacity to support ads, Feed, and Reels, along with increased investment in capacity for generative AI initiatives.

Meta said, “The company has been working with a small group of advertisers on three AI Sandbox tools so far: text variation, background generation, and image outcropping.”

John Hegeman, Meta’s vice president of monetization, said, “The new offerings will ultimately help advertisers save time and achieve better performance with their ads.”

Hegeman added, “The aim here, again, is really to quickly test and learn and figure out which parts of these new capabilities are turning out to be most helpful for businesses to achieve their goals.”

Meta said, “The Company will gradually expand access to AI Sandbox to more advertisers starting in July.”

Hegeman said, “Meta has been investing tens of billions of dollars into AI each year, and the company is using larger and more complex models in its ad systems. The advanced models will help drive better results for businesses.”

Hegeman added, “Overall, the generative AI space is developing incredibly quickly right now, and it’s a very exciting time. Our unique opportunity is to integrate these features over time into our products.”