Microsoft CEO Says, We Have a Noncontrolling Interest in OpenAI

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed that it is actually not correct to say that Microsoft controls OpenAI.

Nadella’s stand came after Elon Musk, who also co-founded OpenAI sometimes back said, “Microsoft has a very strong say, if not directly controls, OpenAI at this point.”

Nadella said, “Look, while I have a lot of respect for Elon and all that he does, I’d just say that’s factually not correct. OpenAI is much grounded in its mission of being controlled by a nonprofit board. We have a non-controlling interest in it; we have a great commercial partnership in it.”

ChatGPT-producer OpenAI emerged in 2015 as a nonprofit company.

Microsoft announced a multiyear and multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI in January, which was the third phase of the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI. Microsoft integrated OpenAI’s technology GPT-4 across its different products and services in the last few months.

Nadella said, “AI development is happening rapidly, but that it is important for Microsoft to capitalize on the AI technology and its promise.”

Nadella added, “If anything, I feel, yes, it’s moving fast, but moving fast in the right direction. Humans are in the loop versus being out of the loop. It’s a design choice, which, at least, we have made.”